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Tachikara Gold Official Game Volleyball

This Tachikara SV5W Gold Volleyball is an ideal choice for competitive play. It is a premium-quality ball designed for overall control, performance and responsiveness at the highest levels of play. You will notice how good it feels in your hands and how it responds satisfyingly. It has a smooth and well-finished leather cover in your choice of color schemes. This ball flies high and bounces nicely. It has been approved by the NFHS. The leather volleyball is made with the latest innovation in patented manufacturing methods and technologies, including dual-bladder construction. You will enjoy how it moves and responds to your play. This is the flagship model of the Tachikara volleyball. Tachikara SV5W Gold Premium Leather Volleyball.

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Pricing is based on volume orders for teams, clubs, organizations, etc. Products are not sold individually.

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