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Snipers Edge Stick Handling Pack

The SkillzBall stickhandling aid is approximately the same weight as a puck.  
This stickhandling ball is ideal for working on correct stickhandling form and technique. 
Stickhandling is one of those basic hockey skills that require thousands of repetitions to perfect. It is the training concept that repetition builds “muscle memory”. 
This means that once your muscles remember how to do something then they are able to react instinctively.

Skillz Puck
The SkillzPuck is a dryland training puck. 
It is designed for multiple repetitions to develop proper hand position, technique, and muscle memory. 
This stickhandling aid/ training puck has very little resistance, simulating a traditional puck’s drag across the ice, even though they are OFF-ICE stickhandling pucks. 
Weight of 6.8oz (0.42 lbs.) and a diameter of 3″. 

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