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SKLZ Elevation Ladder

Unlike a traditional training ladder, the SKLZ Elevation Ladder is designed to have the flexibility of a flat ladder as well as an elevated ladder. This unique feature allows coaches, teams, and individuals to perform a variety of agility and speed drills. Easy to mount, the ladder switches between a flat ladder and 4” hurdles within seconds. Helping to increase quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency, the SKLZ Elevation Ladder works to improve overall maneuverability around the field or on the court. The ladder measures 7’ long and each rung measures 26” wide and 15” long. Made of durable yet lightweight PVC plastic, the Elevation Ladder is ideal for on-the-go workouts and pre-game warmups. It folds down quickly for convenient storage and includes a convenient carry bag and usage guide.

Switch between a flat ladder and 4″ hurdles in seconds
7 ft, 6-rung long ladder
Each ladder rung measures 26″ wide and 15″ long
Folds down quickly for convenient storage
Made of durable lightweight PVC plastic for portability
Includes a convenient carry bag and usage guide

Available Options

Pricing is based on volume orders for teams, clubs, organizations, etc. Products are not sold individually.