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HockeyShot Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles – 18″x18″ – Pack of 10

The 18” x 18″ tiles are sold individually with no minimum order.

Patented symmetrical tiles clip together in any direction. Assemble an entire surface in minutes!

New and improved formula offers our slickest and smoothest skating & puck handling experience.

Best coefficient levels of friction on the market. 10-15% greater than frozen ice means its perfect for resistance training!

Self-lubricating agent means no need for wax or add-on liquids.

Built with VHMW-PE for better performance and durability.

UV protected and weather resistant to withstand outdoor cold and heat.

Improved construction and lightweight, flexible design better accommodates uneven terrain while remaining strong enough to park vehicles on them.

Easier and more affordable to ship than larger traditional Synthetic Ice panels.

Enhance your tiles experience and keep the puck in play with our new Puck Stopper Edging Containment System or use our Smooth Edging for easy puck loading.

Revolution Tiles come with 2-year warranty.

Available Options

Pricing is based on volume orders for teams, clubs, organizations, etc. Products are not sold individually.

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