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COREFX Skill Slide

Not just for dryland skating or hockey training, the COREFX Skill Slide can be used as a training tool in various types of training applications.

The COREFX Skill Slide uses a proprietary mat surface that has a non-slip surface on one side to hold the mat in place while the user stays in motion. The board can be adjusted in any length up to 8 feet, allowing the user to adjust and challenge their lateral training as they increase in their power and endurance. The COREFX Skill Slide rolls up easily and can be neatly stored away. Comes with booties that can be worn over running shoes.

• ADJUSTABLE – Fully adjustable to any length up to eight feet.

• REINFORCED PUSH BAR – Extruded aluminum push bar will not break or deform under intense usage.

• HIGH-END, PORTABLE EXERCISE GEAR – The COREFX Skill Slide is suitable for professional hockey training or general fitness. Work on cardio, balance and agility.

Available Options

Pricing is based on volume orders for teams, clubs, organizations, etc. Products are not sold individually.